Our Services


Providing highly collaborative thermoforming expertise, to produce timely solutions, which meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.


Taking idea generation, often “napkin sketches”, and applying creative product development in a 3D solid CAD world, through concept creation and product finalization. This development often includes dimensioned prints, 3D pdf’s, E-drawings or renderings.

3D Scanning

Our 3D scanner captures existing component geometry in order to import into a 3D CAD environment, used for reverse engineering, quality assurance, or analysis.


Utilizing finalized CAD geometry to machine “soft tooling”, typically out of REN shape, urethane or aluminum, which is used to produce sample products for fit, form and function testing.


Our engineering services include: developing manufacturable production tooling, secondary tooling and manufacturing processes (which are used for small or large volume production runs).


We use industry leading technology and industry leading techniques to CNC precision tooling, aimed at driving down lead times.