We offer a variety of thermoforming services, with the exception of volume production parts. FSI has been helping the thermoforming industry handle any need that arises since 2004. We specialize in the Medical, Retail/Consumer, Industrial/OEM, POP/Store Fixtures and Food Packaging markets.

What We Do

Forming Solutions, Inc. offers consultation, design, 3D laser scanning, prototyping, engineering, and machining services related to thermoforming. We specialize in the following industries: medical, consumer, retail, food, industrial, and POP/store fixtures. See our portfolio.

Why We Do It

First and foremost, we are passionate about product development. We appreciate the opportunity to bring new ideas to life, make manufacturing processes more efficient, and increase customer profitability. Our goal is to create custom, viable solutions for every project through collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

How We Do Things

We start by learning about the purpose of the product and the specifications—if you don’t already have them, we’ll help you through the development process. We’ll discuss your needs and expectations to generate a quote. Then we develop 3D concepts, prints, prototypes, and production tooling, getting client feedback and approval every step of the way.

When We Do Things

Our goal is to begin and complete projects as soon as possible. We typically offer next-day quotes, 3-5 days for designs, and 5-7 days for prototypes. If we predict a project will take longer, we’ll inform you up front and keep you updated as we progress.

Where We Do It

We carry out services at two facilities: beautiful Northern Minnesota (FSI-North) and magnificent Maple Grove, Minnesota (FSI-South). FSI-North specializes in CAD, CAM, machining, and proto-parts. FSI-South specializes in CAD, CAM, machining, production tooling and 3D laser scanning, yet both facilities can do it all.

Precision is Our Priority

Facilities feature advanced equipment.